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Human Factor - Successful Incentives in Times of Digitalization

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

PAS and RENT-A-RESORT start cooperation

Incentives are clearly about the human factor. After years in which technological transformations and digital innovations have rapidly accelerated the way of working and living and not least revolutionized the MICE industry, an equal reflection on human values has moved into a new focus. Fully automated processes, whether in subscriber management or other fields, an AC (automated commerce) that is slowly replacing e-commerce and many other innovations make processes easier and bring advantages that would not be possible in a not always progressive digitalization. And this is precisely where more space than ever before is being created for people. The challenge of this time is to take people with all their needs, feelings, challenges, health and motivation seriously and to make them strong in what they are - a personality of their own that contributes significantly to the success of the company. And so the development on the Invcentive travel market goes against all forecasts steeply upward. Companies, whose success is based massively on the strength of each individual employee, know about the importance and set successful standards in employee motivation with individual incentive trips. After all, that's exactly what it is: a thank-you to the team and a great opportunity to grow together a bit more. 

When it comes to being able to read between the lines, to find exactly the right solution with empathy, the human factor is also required. Two of the "big players" in this field have joined forces. Rent-a-resort and PAS want to offer with their new co-operation, the customers when desired an all around carefree package with one contact person. With the advantages and the transparency of an open market. Rent-a-resort has specialized in the exclusive buyout of resorts, hotels and cruise ships and is currently the largest provider in this segment. If you want to create a unified spirit and value your employees with the exclusivity they deserve, then Daniel Rudolf and his team are the right people for you. With a profound knowledge of the market and a fine feeling for the individual needs of the customer he finds exactly the suitable location, in order to create a unique and special atmosphere, which makes such an event a success.

Every event begins and ends with the flight. And so it is the flight what ensures a truly perfect incentive experience. The experts of PAS organize everything in the field of flight and everything around it. Whether it is the individually branded check-in counter, red carpets, a bespoke menu on board or a handling as discreet as possible far away from the eyes of the public. It is important to PAS-Professional Aviation Solutions that the customer gets exactly what he wishes for. 

At rent-a-resort and PAS you know and trust each other. And freely according to Tolstoy, "It's always the simplest ideas that have extraordinary success", the logical consequence was to work even more closely together and on March 1, 2019 they started to work together to expand the joint portfolio even further.

"Our cooperation opens up an expanded portfolio for our customers without producing unnecessary costs. Daniel Rudolf, rent a resort and Birte Kipke, PAS are in agreement. 

Whether only flight or only hotel, or everything from a hand, that is left to the customer. For one thing is for sure: people with heart and mind who give everything for their customers at all times.


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