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4000 stars at night . 540 minutes of sunshine on a summer day . 1 island & you

An almost enchanted island, surrounded by the turquoise blue sea. Crystal clear water as far as the eye can see. The warmth of the sun on your skin and a light breeze blowing gently on your tanned skin.

On Friday we live this dream: Together with our cooperation partner we fly with customers and partners from the areas of incentives, events and corporate as well as some selected bloggers to an extraordinary destination: A picturesque island resort, in the midst of a landscape of countless Mediterranean islands.

Exceptional in Europe, the island resort enchants not only with numerous amenities but also with its wonderful nature and its very own "Robinson Crusoe feeling". The island allows you to travel back to your Self and if you like, you can even give the island its own name for your event. For us it is the "Island of Inspiration" par excellence. The uniqueness, exclusivity and atmosphere, as you can find it here, is unparalleled.

After the flight, speedboat, stargazing, beach yoga and many other exciting activities are on the programme alongside the obligatory site inspections.

And next week we will tell you more about the unforgettable memories we brought back from the island. Stay tuned!

The unique destination is a predestined location for incentive trips, exclusive festivals and concerts, as well as any event that should be unmistakable. Besides optimal conditions for meetings and workshops of all kinds, the island also offers enough retreat possibilities for creative work, relaxation or experiencing the mystical nature. One thing is certain: it offers space to create unforgettable memories.


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